Supplier Integration

With grainit it is possible that stock and feed supplier can exchange data. But what does it give?

With an integration between grainit and your feed supplier, deliveries are automatically registered to your grainit warehouse. This avoids a delivery for one reason or another not being registered in grainit and thereby giving a misleading stock. With an integration, data is automatically transferred from feed supplier and grainit. That is, you decide which silo delivery from feed materials must be available.
By integrating into your feed supplier, you also get the option of automatic re-order when the amount in the silo reaches a predetermined level. This ensures that you run out of feed and the change in feed compound that this usually results in until the new feed arrives.
Grainit receives data directly from the supplier. This data contains, among other things, product and quantity.
With an integration between grainit and your feed supplier for you:

- Automatic control of deliveries in grainit,

- Automatic refilling of storage,

- Purchase orders are automatically placed on a predetermined stock.