Stackview and Siloview integration

By connecting to Stackview or Siloview you will be able to continuously monitor the temperature of your warehouse or silo.

Stackview / Siloview continuously measures the temperature of your grain and sends the measurements to grainit where these appear in the overview of your stocks. This brings you all the relevant information about your stores together somewhere!
But why do the temperature measure continuously?
Knowing the temperature of your grain storage allows you to ensure the optimal conditions for a safe storage of grain.
If you know the temperature in your grain, you have the right decision base to blow / dry only when necessary. This prevents a sudden rise in temperature from destroying your grain, making sure you do not consume energy unnecessarily on the drying of grain.
Over time, the temperature of a grain layer can be changed, this is detected by regular temperature measurements. By using an integration to Stackview / Siloview, these are automatically generated and you will be notified if the temperature changes.
Stackview / Siloview sends data directly to grainit, where the temperature is seen for that layer.