26-06-20 13:02:

At "Overview":
For the accounts that have a Perten IM8800 or Perten IM9500 linked to Grainit, a total log is now available. All analyzes from the analysis equipment can be viewed and the link for weighing is visible. Humidity, Protein and Hour are displayed.

26-06-20 12:00:

Just as Grainit can automatically send an email to the supplier when purchase registration is made, an email with the weighing slip can now also be automatically sent to your customer . The mail is sent when there is an empty weight and a full weight and is sent to the email address associated with the customer. It's very useful in the sale of pigs and grain.

01-05-20 18:05:

Entering an email address is no longer required when a new user is added. Username is enough.



25-07-17 10:41:

As of today, it's possible to see yield for each grain variety. Before it was only possible to see it per grain type.

24-07-17 10:32:

When grain is put into storage, it's now possible to add an analysis ID. Under Analysis, analysis values can be entered. It's possible to enter data from an analysis into each load. We support Protein, Oil, Specific weight and Humidity. If Humidity is being updated, data from Delivery registration will be overwritten.

19-07-17 10:22:

We have made a new dashboard for harvest when logging in to grainit with direct access to yield per hectar, latest loads, graphs and other cool features

30-06-17 15:46:

From today, its possible to import fields from Næsgaard Mark Software

20-03-17 12:27:

new overview of inventory status - the overview is improved and we have added selection of categories to the view

19-08-16 08:54:

It's now possible to see totals pr grain - added to menu "harvest"

15-08-16 13:05:

We have added a view, that shows how many HA has been harvested compared to total HA

15-08-16 13:04:

Number of HA is now added to Dashboard Harvest

21-07-16 16:11:

On field level is it now possible to see average moist percentage

20-07-16 16:09:

Det er ændret sådan, at der ikke skal være tilknyttet et produkt til en silo. Er der tilknyttet et produkt til en silo, kan dette produkt kun registreres der - men er der ikke tilknyttet et produkt, kan flere produkter registreres. Benyttes bl.a. til amerikaner-siloer, hvis der fyldes flere afgrøder i.

20-07-16 16:05:

navn på indberetter vises nu i status-oversigten

20-07-16 16:05:

Der supporteres nu import af marker udlæst fra MarkOnline i både xml og excel format