Supplier Integration

Grainit enables your storage and your feed supplier to exchange data.

Why is it worthwhile?

With an integration between Grainit and your feed supplier, deliveries are automatically registered to your storage in Grainit. 
It prevents that delivery registrations end up as oversights. All registrations are taken care of in Grainit which means no misleading inventory. Integration means that data are automatically transferred between feed supplier and Grainit, and you decide which silo is receiving the delivery.
When the inventory level in the silo reaches a predetermined level, you have the possibility of automatic re-ordering.This ensures you run out of feed and switching the feed mix, an usually cause until new feed delivery arrives.
Grainit receives data directly from the supplier. These data include among others product and quantity.
Integration between Grainit and your feed supplier gives you:

- Automatic control of deliveries in Grainit

- Automatic replenishment of your storage

- Purchase orders are automatically placed on a predetermined stock