Terms of use

Data security, data processing and data rights

Data processing and storage:
The Grainit database is owned by Farmtech Software ApS.
All data are stored on servers located in Denmark and personal data and other sensitive information are stored encrypted.
All communication between server and client takes place via encrypted connections (https)

Data ownership:
All data on stocks and transactions / incomings/outgoings are owned by the customer. The other data are owned by Farmtech Software ApS.

Exchange of data:
The customer only decides who has access to his own data, including who can extract data and deliver data. Regarding integrations with external partners, it is also the customer who exclusively decides who can deliver or retrieve data.

Exchanging data to external parties can occur when the customer has given permission. This permission is provided by the customer himself. Exchanging data may involve costs to the external party and may also require the purchase of a module that enables data exchange.

In case of external data exchange costs, this will be a matter between Farmtech Software and the partner. There will be no sale of data, but merely cost of operating, developing and maintaining service layers for the exchange of data.

Customer responsibility regarding data security:
The customer is obliged to maintain a certain level of security regarding usernames and passwords in the event of access to the system.