Stackview and Siloview integration

By connecting to Stackview or Siloview you will be able to continuously monitor the temperature of your warehouse or silo.

Stackview / Siloview continuously measures the temperature of your grain and sends the measurements to Grainit. The measurements are displayed together with your over-all Grainit overview. All relevant information about your grain storages are gathered one place!
Why continously measure the temperature?
Being aware of the temperature of your grain storage allows you to ensure the optimal conditions for a optimal storage of grain.
If you know the temperature, you know when it's necessary to blow air into the grain. Destroyed grain by sudden rise of temperature is prevented. Also unnecessary energy consumption on blowing air into the grain is prevented.
Over time, the temperature of a grain storage can changed, which are detected by regular temperature measurements. By using an integration to Stackview / Siloview, these measurements are automatically generated and you will be notified if the temperature changes.
Stackview / Siloview sends data directly to grainit, where the temperature is displayed for that storage.
Do you want to hear more about measuring the temperature of your grain storage?
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