Data hub

At Grainit, part of the concept is integrations, which enable the exchange of data with companies in the agricultural follow-up industry. In our setup you can be both a data provider and a data processor.

Feed manufacturers can transfer transaction data on deliveries directly to Grainit so that the client (farmer) automatically detects feeds and raw materials in stock. All transmitted via web services.

Farm management software can be setup to read data from Grainit - as an example how much feed has been purchased or consumed within a given period.

Sales of crops to feed / grain dealer can also be transferred automatically. Is the grain in stock externally, it will appear as an external storage location and when the grain is sold, it will be registered as a stock draw.

The farmer owns data in Grainit - and it is the farmer who determines who has access to view data or deliver to / from his Grainit account

At this moment, we support transactions transfered to grainit from the following companies:

  • Danish Agro (DK)
  • Vestjyllands Andel (DK)
  • Vilomix
  • Big Dutchman feeding mixers and feeders
  • Weighbridges
  • Perten IM9500 and IM8800 grain analysers
  • Stackview grain monitoring
  • Telesense grain monitoring
  • BoPil Feeders

The list will be updated continuously
Last updated: 07-11-2019