Get full control of your harvests

Grainit is an intelligent farm storage management system.
Harvest yields are registered for each field and you have full control and overview in real time at any time. 
And we do connect and communicate with your weighbridge as well !

Everything you do during harvesting is registered by Grainit:

  • The crops you are harvesting
  • The crops you buy-in
  • and data are transferred from the weighbridge

It's all done on the App. You simply drive up onto the weighbridge, enter the weight as indicated on the weigh screen and your load is registered. That's it!


Your benefits with Grainit:

  • Complete overview of all your yields
  • Full control of all registrations - no paperwork or sticky notes
  • Always knowing who did what and when
  • Visual overview on smartphone, tablet and computer
  • User control and individual control

Automatic data tranfer to the weighbridge

Grainit connects to the weighbridge via our Farmweight-box. The box transfers data to the cloud which the App on your registers. Can also be used when relocating feed or pigs!

Grainit - Make sure you're ready for harvesting

We help you with your Grainit setup and ensure everything is up and running.

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